Sunday, September 12, 2010

old T-shirt cushion covers

my husband loves T-shirt from Granif, a Japanese T-shirt company.
every time we go back there to visit my family, he brings back a couple of their T-shirts with him.
they have a lot of cool designs, and it's perfect for my husband who doesn't like words/writing on clothes. 

over a few years of being well loved/worn by him, and being washed and dried in the machines,
they are no longer the right size/shape for this very picky man.
so he passed these down to me to give them a new life.
 I decided to make our little cushions covers.
they have been naked for a long time, well as long as I've know them.
that is kind of gross...

it was about the time and a perfect opportunity :)

[[Turn your old T-shirt in to a cushion cover]]

you'd want to use as much material out of the T-shirt as possible.  
cut the sides as closest as the sleeve seams. and it is okay to go over the seams as long as it is going to be the seam allowance (it will be hidden!)

also, cut off the neck/shoulder part.  you can get more out of the back, because the neckline is higher.

cut the front part into a square, the back into halves.

I sewn a piece of twill tape on the back edges, which make the opening where cushion goes in and out.  this way the opening won't be stretched out and look sloppy...
put all three pieces facing the right side together and sew/serge all four seams.  make sure the outer side of the two back pieces lays in the middle of the three when inside out.  

turn it right side out and put cushion in from the back opening!


    these even had a nice designs on the back of the shirt, 
which I collaborated into the back opening. 


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea - as always! Love seeing what creative things you come up with. Those t-shirts are way too cool to throw away, adore them as pillows!

Ophelia.K said...

So lovely and great idea! I have some good memories of my husband T-shirts, so if it becomes a cushion cover, it's very romantic:)

vivatveritas said...

cute! what a great idea!

::HARUNA:: said...

thanks! I know, these T-shirts are way too precious to throw away! and I had been sleeping on what I could do with them. glad they turn out well, and they will be well-loved again :)
sorry, still haven't had a chance to visit your store! soon, I promise :)

::HARUNA:: said...

it's so nice to give a new life to those sentimental items, isn't it? feels like the memory lives forever, and it does in fact!

Cristina said...

sugoi desu ne!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I have the blue tree one, picked it up in Hiroshima. It still fits me great but I might someday make a cute little pillow out of it. Great idea!

Cecili said...

Hello! First thanks for joining my blog, I'm very honored :) Second, these cushions are excellent! I'm stealing your idea if you don't mind^^

Craftyhobbies said...

I too have had a similar idea and just couldnt get the opening right . now from your great post I can see where I was going wrong - thanks for sharing . they look great

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