Wednesday, June 30, 2010

meet my new housemates

it feels longer, but we moved in to this house only one and half week ago.
we'd been pretty busy painting the walls and putting stuff away(and still it's work in progress).
but it feels very grounded having our own space back!

so, I'd love for you guys to meet our new housemates!
they're a lovely family of three with four goats and several(fourteen to be specific) chickens!
oh oh! and a bunch of bees(tiny dots you can see in the pic below), too!!
we had been looking for a place pretty intensively ever since we came down to Portland for almost a month and half.
but it was really hard to find a 'workable' place with a child and cat...
so it took us a little more than we expected to find it,
but it was worth it and this place is so perfect!
my daughter loves the kids and animals, and there is a nice park/playground not even a block away!!

well,,, you may think this is somewhere in the country,
but it is right in the city of Portland!
Portland allows you to have up to three domestic animals without any permit.
and a lot of people do have chickens in their back yard.
it doesn't seem that hard to get a permit(for bigger animals/more number of animals) either.
pretty cool!

we're loving Portland and it feels really good to be here :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

life in transition + little announcement

my life is still somewhat crazy and unsettled.
well, not there just yet.

we moved into a new place two weekends ago,
and had been painting the room and bathroom for the entire first week!
the walls and sealing were cracking and peeling, which was original old paint.
took us a while to get ready to paint and actual painting part was an experience,too,
because we used all natural/non-toxic paint, called lime paint.

anyhow, it's all done and finally we moved our stuff to the room,
and slept on our own bed first time for the past THREE months!

still need some organizing and more furnitures(which my husband will be making soon, I hope!),
but it feels really good, and relieved to settling in!

I have to introduce this unique household/members to you guys,
but I will save it for another post for sometime this week ;)

before I say goodbye for the day, I have a little but exciting announcement to make!
many of you who are also a member of Burdastyle community might already know about this book project.

I am super excited about the book and to be a part of it!
there will be 60 different artists/seamstresses/designers making a variation of the five different patterns(blouse, skirt, dress, coat, and accessory) that are included in the book.
I will be making a coat!
is any of you also participating?? what are you going to make??
would love to know who is participating!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sunshine love

we finally found a 'home' here in Portland!
we moved most of our stuff yesterday and we'll be living there by the weekend :)
we haven't had a 'home' for way too long,,,
I am so excited and looking forward to having our own space and start living again!!

I will post pics of a couple of thing I made for my daughter during our transition...

pattern was from the book I borrowed from my friend.
made with leftover sport fleece and Amy Butler for pocket and hem.

my daughter needed a new hat for the summer.
I used a pattern from Japanese sewing magazine, but forgot the name of it...
I had this fabric saved for sometime, and it was perfect for the hat, I think!
I made this hat while we're staying at my friends'.
my friend and I held a couple craft nights after the kids went to sleep.
it was lots of fun having someone to share the creative time with.
blueberry face :)

it seems like the summer is finally here(skipped spring)!
it had been really rainy and cold.(of course today is one of those days again!)
we're so ready for some sunshine and summer fun!!

I will post some pics of our new home once we settle in :)