Tuesday, August 31, 2010

finally updating...

sorry for not posting anything for almost the entire month!
I just noticed this month is over,,,
september is here!!

my husband came back from Canada a little over a week ago,
and we've been pretty busy ever since.
we went down to Bend for Timber Framers Guild workshop, 
and then Southern Oregon to visit friends for a few days.
in short, it was awesome!!
(sorry not to mention any details... maybe I'll upload some pics later...?)

I've been dying to upload what I had been making while my husband was away.
I was pretty motivated and occupied with sewing!

I made two pairs of scalloped shorts.
I really liked how simple and clean looking these were,
so I based this pair on ruby pattern from Burdastyle.

the scallop part was a little trickier than I imagined...
I found it harder if they are too close together(smaller scallops),
and looked very irregular(because of my sewing skills?).

instead of the side buttons for closure,
these have an invisible zipper on the one of the sides.
and I added the front pockets because they are very handy!! 

I was so excited to find this decorative stitch on my machine!
goes perfectly with the theme -SCALLOP!

these ones are alternation of tonia from Burdastyle.
you notice I went crazy with the scallop stitch!
this pair has the stitch on the front pockets as well.
this one also has a side closure with an invisible zipper.

I could not decide if I wanted the pleated shorts or not.
So I made them both :)
and I love them both!!

last, but not least,,,
in fact, this creation is possibly the most practical thing ever!!
pouch for my stroller.
this stroller didn't come with a cup/key holder when we bought it on Craigslist.
but I was very happy to make it anyway,
and one less plastic thing to contain in the household!

I basically designed it based on my own needs.
cup holder and little pocket for a wallet, cell phone and what not.
so useful and makes things easier!
everything I need is right below the handles.

now having had a little break from sewing,
I am ready to get back at it!
what is the next project??

Thursday, August 5, 2010

no computer, less distraction

sorry for the lack of posting...
my husband left last Monday to work in Vancouver BC, and took our only computer with him.
so, I am going to be computer-less for THREE weeks!
it is both good and bad.

I have been getting a lot more other things done, including some sewing projects,
other than spend hours on computer, which I tend to do when it is around.
so, that's nice.

but it's really hard on my eyes and fingers to websurf on the cell with a small screen and small keys.
I can use my housemate's computer, but I can't(don't want to) use it for a long time...

I'm sort of out of the Internet world.
but not really...
you can find me here more often during the three weeks.
I never thought I'd be a Twitter'er,,,
but I guess I am now!

I will post about things I sewed when I get a chance, or when he comes home.
by then, see you all on twitter!