Monday, February 28, 2011

currently in love with....

currently in love with these colored trousers.

went onEtsy, and found these lovely vintage trousers.
Benetton Green Wool Cropped Trousers  Vintage 1980's Sage Green Bow Detail Tapered Trousers XS/S

1950 style rich mustard wool tapered leg trouser .extra small.small vintage 80s red woven high waist trousers
(pic 123, and 4)

I have been wanting to make myself a pair of trousers for a long time!
maybe after the patternmaking class, I will be able to draft them all by myself!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

never let me go

Never Let Me Go
watched Never Let Me Go a few nights ago.
it was a little different from what I expected.
well, tell the truth, didn't know what the story was about(had not really read the reviews/previews...).
so, no expectations really, 
but when my husband was lost in a movie store and asked me for an input, I told him to get this one.
the clothing/stying and cinematography was beautiful,
and the story was interesting enough to make me want read the book.

Monday, February 14, 2011

patternmaking class: week 2 & 3

sorry for a luck of updating on my patternmaking class!

in week 2 we had finished the body moulage/sloper.
 and I had little homework to sew a muslin based on the moulage.
last week we tried the muslin on and made some adjustments.
we also started working on the pants sloper, and finished drafting.
now, I am supposed to sew up a muslin and bring in class this week.

all the numbers and calculation make me a little dizzy,
but I guess it's a matter of doing it so many times and getting used to the whole process.

the pant sloper/moulage was A LOT easier than the body one,
less measurements, less lines/darts!!

in the last class, there was a girl from another patternmaking1 class.
her name is Alicia Wood, and she has a line called Ms. Wood.
teacher was introducing her to the class and she mentioned about a feature on her in Portland Monthly Magazine.
Wood Earrings, Large dangle rectangleKimono Sleeved Denim Jacket
she is a stay at home mother of two girls by day, and designer by night.
she also won a 2010 catapult competition(portland fashion week).
what makes me inspired the most is that she plays both mother and designer rolls so well and balanced.
(and I am sure it's a straggle! both time wise and energy wise...)
and also her husband is a woodworker and they corroborate their work.
like these platforms!
Platform shoe/wood/leather

my husband, who is also a woodworker/carpenter, and I also talk about doing some corroborative work together every now and then.
like making lanterns.  he makes the frame, and I will print on the screen...

anyhow,,, it's just great to know there is someone out there making it all happen and work!!
I sometimes feel like my life is on hold and I am stuck taking care of our little girl and family,
although it is absolutely fun, and beautiful, amazing and unique experience raising a family.
but I don't need to feel this way, and don't need to put the spell on myself.
it's just such an encouragement to know there are people making their dream come true.

happy Valentines! & a very lucky giveaway winner

Happy Valentines day everyone!
hope you all are having a lovely day :)

today I am here to announce a sweet valentine giveaway winner!
a very lucky lady is....


congratulations, chie :)
I will e-mail you later to get your shipping address.

as some of you already know,
but Chie is a fantastic seamstress/designer/fashionista.
if you never visited her blog or her Etsy store please do so!!

thank you all for participating, 
and also thank the new followers of my blog/twitter!!
hope you all enjoyed the giveaway, and hope to do some more of them in the future :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anniversary/Sweet Valentine Giveaway!

last Saturday was our 5th (married) anniversary.
we didn't do too much, but had rather a relaxing day.

I got him a small gift, and he took me out for dinner @ Pok Pok, Thai restaurant, on Division 
since he 'looked bad'(so he says) having not prepared me a gift.
also took an offer on baby sitting from our housemate, and went out for a drink after our little one went to bed.
we had never really gone out just two of us since this girl was born,
but it is nice to be able to do that every once in a while!

I decided to have a giveaway for this occasion, 
combined with an upcoming cerebration of love event, Valentine's day!
here is the prize
-earring/necklace traveling case-
nice to keep your earrings and necklaces from getting tangled and damaged, don't you think?
this little pouch will help you a big time!
so convenient for traveling, or carry a 'backup' jewelry in your bag,
or just for daily uses! 

Knotted Bracelet
-knotted bracelet-
you even get to pick a color!
please pick one of the colors from the above right picture, and state in your comment.
for more details about the bracelet, please visit my etsy shop!

******************************************how it works******************************************
please leave a comment with your e-mail address(if I can't reach you via blogger account),
also with your choice of color for the bracelet.
★bonus entry 1- if you follow my blog, you may leave another comment for an extra entry!
★bonus entry 2 -if you follow me on Twitter, you will also get another entry!! please leave a separate comment.
(up to THREE entries per person!!)
this giveaway ends @ FEB 12th, 11:59pm pacific time.

P.S. a little apology...
I have so much to blog, but since we only have one computer and my hubby has been using it a lot lately for  work, I have not been able to update it often...
I am little behind, but I will find a time and post more!