Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wanna go for a bike ride?

oh, she is making me want to ride a bike through out the town, streets covered with fallen leaves.
although I don't really like riding a bike :(
it just makes me nervous when I have to ride on the streets with cars going by...

Monday, October 26, 2009

first halloween costume

Halloween is just around the corner!
it is the first Halloween for little L.
I wanted to make her a costume.

so here it is!

I made her a suite that Max wears in "where the wild things are".

I basically made a pattern based on a onesie she wears.
then added hood, ears, tail, hands & feet.

she looks so cute in it :)

I can't wait for the day to come!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you all :)

p.s. for some reason, the pictures looks a lit blurry.
I will upload some more after Halloween :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Etsy finds - black & white-

yes, I am one of those people
-who spends hours looking through Etsy.

here are my recent favourite finds on Etsy.







I LOVE the dress in the first picture.
such a gorgeous dress!

also those zebra shoes are awesome :)!

Friday, October 23, 2009

how-to -hammered hoop earrings-

okay, here is the how-to I had been meaning to post!

-hammered hoop earrings-

here are the tools you need for this project.
in addition to the basic wirework tools, you need a chasing hammer, bench block and flat micro file.
you also see a piece of gold fill wire in the pic.
I used 18 gauze, soft wire.
some people find the 18 gauze wire hurt their pierced ears, so if that is the case, use 20 gauge.

measure the circumference using a tape measure.
here, I used a round nail polish bottle.
and I will be wrapping the wire around it to make a perfect circle.
you can use anything round(and relatively hard) depending on how big you'd like to make your hoop.
it measures 3.5", so I cut the wire 4.5" to have some extra to work with.

make a simple loop on one end.

then wrap it around the nail polish bottle to make a nice hoop.

then bend the other end, and clip off the excess.

it should look like this.

using a flat micro file, round the sharp edge of the bent end.
this will go through your ear, so be extra cautious there is no sharp/rough spot.

set the hoop on a bench block, and use the flat side of the head,
hammer the hoop until it is slightly flattened.

you don't need to make it completely flat,
because we'll give it some texture in the next step.

this is how it looks after flattened.
you see I banged more on the bottom middle part.
this will give the hoop a look that has more weight on the bottom.

now, use the other end of the head, hammer the hoop to give it texture.

just like step ⑥ focus more on the bottom middle part.

repeat ②~⑦ to make another hoop.
now you have a pair of simple yet gorgeous hoop earrings added to your wardrobe :)

p.s. have a lovely weekend :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

wearing mineral mask

I've been neglecting to take care of my skin ever since little L was born.
just too busy, too many things I want/have to do everyday.
my days go by too fast.

right now, I am wearing mineral mask made by
Eminence while little L is taking her afternoon nap.
I used to buy their products, and I realised I still had some mineral masks left!
their products are great!
it is like raw food for your skin!
hmmmm, yum :)

oh, excuse me, I gotta go wash it off!


okay, I am back :)
ahhhhhhhh it feels so great!

my skin so needed the nourishment and replenishment.

from now on, I should just make 10minuets for myself.
mondays are now officially my skin care day :)
a great way to start my week!

I would love to try this new line of theirs!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

teal tulip

I've never entered to any sewing contests before.
this is my very first time...
usually, I don't even think about participating in any of the contests Burdastyle hosts - it's just too much work!
but this time, I decided to get my lazy butt off and make a skirt, and I was actually excited about it.
I think it's because the pattern that was required to use as a base was a very simple one.
I like simple things :)

so here I went, I started with the original A-line skirt pattern,
and decided to keep the front and back yoke as is.
then altered the rest majorly.
I wanted a nice drapy detail in front.
I tried to figure out how it works the way I imagined by folding, cutting, and gluing the original pattern.
and of course, by 'trial and error'.

a simple project turned into a confusing frustrating project...

I was getting so consumed by it as it wasn't coming together nicely.
I almost gave up.
but I was very persistent.
not because I wanted to win, but I wanted to challenge myself, I guess.
I am a stubborn person!

so this is how it came out....

pretty close to how I imagined.

the black lacy lining is a separate piece that is made out of an upcycled material.

it became more like a tulip skirt...
hope it was okay to enter this to an A-line skirt contest...

I am excited to see other people's entries!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bjork is Bjork


is this when she was little?
some little girl who looks like her??

either way, she's so Bjork!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tea time at Tiffany's

while you all are waiting for me to post a how to on hoop earrings,
enjoy {{cutest}} Tiffany style sweets :)



I just realized....!
I totally forgot about the how-to I promised about a month ago!!!
I am SO SORRY!!!
I had been busy and destructed by lots of things lately,
but no excuse,,, I just forgot about it completely.
I will try to put together a how to on hoop earrings sometime soon.
for sure in a week or two!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

etsy find

just saw this seller's item on Etsy's front page.

aren't they lovely?!
they look so cute & cozy.

I want myself a pair for the upcoming winter.
who wants to give me a pair for Christmas??
anyone ?!?! :)

P.S. wish you all have a happy weekend :)

upcycling -baby pants-

I had this sweater dress that my mother gave me a few years ago.
never really worn it because it was shrunk and turned into a weired shape.
I have been wanting to make something out of it for a long time
since it is a really nice thick felt.

finally, I decided to make little L a pair of pants.

a warm pair of pants for the winter.

I used one of her pants as a base pattern.
all baby pants seem to be short when they are worn over a diaper.

always half of her calves and ankles are exposed.
so I made these ones extra long.
this way, her legs will never be cold.
then I put a bear button on the front.

I also made her a pair of gloves with the left over felt.

the gloves are hand stitched.
they seem to fit juuuuuuust right on her hands.

they won't fit her next year...
but, good enough to keep her hands warm for this winter!