Monday, May 16, 2011

perfume adventure

I am definitely not a type who enjoys wearing perfume all the time.
but when I went to a local market the other day, and had a slice of watermelon samples,
I totally fell in love with the smell of the flesh watermelon.
also as the summer is approaching, 
the sent of watermelon(perhaps combined with cucumber) would be perfect, I thought.

so I went on etsy, my usual place to browse and shop, and searched.
 I ordered a sampler from Etiquette.

  (they came in the cute little box, too!)
although I loved all the scents in the sampler, they weren't quite the smell I am looking for.
so, my perfume adventure continues...
if anyone has a recommendation on watermelon/cucumber perfume,
let me know!
I am looking for something crisp and light, but less floral and sweet...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

leather work

I had been wanting to learn how to work with leather for a little while,
and finally got a chance to!
(well, this class will be done after two more classes)

so far, we made a belt, like below, and a handbag -work-in-progress. 

 learned cleaning, treating, dyeing and handstitching the leather, as well as the machine sewing of the leather.
my singer has no trouble sewing oil cloth, so I was pretty confident it will take leather with no hustle.
she really didn't like sewing the leather.
I had a really thin soft pig swede, which may have something to do with it,
also none of the roller foot the teacher had didn't fit on my machine.
I am going to find a roller foot that's made for her, so I can work more with leather in the future! 

I finally got around to what I had been meaning to do for a quite sometime!
finally soled these slippers I knitted/felted last october.
I know I am a procrastinator, but I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing since I had no experience working with leather before.
 now, I know how-to, it was a piece-o-cake!

pleased with how it turned out, and it's great having a extra cushion/durability to these! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

belated birthday post

last Wednesday was my 28th birthday.
here goes my belated birthday post.

I tried a new hairdo.

I had tried to do something like this a few times before, but it didn't stay up very well.
so had been wanting to figure out how to make it 'stay'.
 got a hint from Kathleen's recent post, and came up with the way to stay up.
unlike the tutorial, this has no hair band going all around the entire head. 

my husband came home with a bunch of (one of) my favorite flowers.
 it had been way to long since the last time I received flowers from him.
I kept giving him hints for the last five months or so.
and see, this is the result ;)

lastly(but not least, of course!),
I finally came to the realization that birthday isn't really about me.
I came into this world, grew bigger and older so I could stand on my own feet, and am still happy and healthy.
this is all because there are(were) people who loves(ed) me and care(d) about me.
it is a day to thank them all for that and to feel the gratefulness .
 I thank all for being a part of my life.
I am one very lucky girl to have you in my life!

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

weekend bits

my mothers day was nothing super spectacular,
but rather a precious ordinary day.

on our way out the door, I received a package(from myself!).
perfect timing, anf nothing like starting a new day with a new pair of shoes.

there we went to a waffle window, down the street from our place.
 the place was pretty packed.
i guess everyone was taking their moms out for breakfast/brunch.

I had an hour of me-time, in the afternoon,
and got ourselves these cute tea balls(?).
the saucer is separate from the teacup, so that you can take it out and rest it on the saucer when tea is steep.

hope everyone had a lovely mothers day weekend,
and had a chance to tell your mom how much you love her!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

lil baby sling

a few weeks ago, I purchased this book from Oliver + S.
 it was a little gift to myself for,,, erm,,, nothing!
i like treating myself, sometime too much :I
but when I took it to my hand at Powell's,
I decided I HAD TO have it.
it is full of cute little things you can make for your little one,
which are also great gifts!
yes, I had to have it!

the very first thing I wanted to make my daughter was this bear carrier.
 since she had been playing with her big carrier so much lately
(in addition to her current obsession -breast feeding her bears),
I though it would be sweet to make one in 'her size'.
 fabric used is all scrap from my stash.
it was a quick over-night project,
and she was already playing with it next morning!
I am sure you'll be a great mama!