Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a little over a week left

sorry for not updating the blog much lately....
little miss and I have been having a great time here in Japan,
reconnecting with people and visiting lots of places.

here is a little sneak peak of our trip so far.
 @SF airport right before the looooong plane ride.
she did really well on the planes, except when landing...
her ears were hurting.  I tried to feed her something, but she didn't want to eat/drink...
does anyone have a useful tip for little kids on releasing the ear pressure?

 my folks' place

 family tangerine orchard

 her great grand parents come to visit every morning & evening

 visited the kindergarten I went to.
this whale slide has been here for ages!! 
it looked so big to me back in the day, but now I know it isn't!
glad I got a chance to take my daughter there.  precious memories...

 also went to an aquarium and zoo.
she had FUN!

only a little over a week left...
we also have a few hours in Tokyo...
not enough time to go out and about outside the airport...
hm what to do...?

P.S. thank you all for the comments on the last post!
my mother's computer/Internet is really SLOW,
so, I will get the how-to's together as soon as I get back home...
thnak you for your patience :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

ready for the trip!

here is a digest of what I've been making for the trip.

start with a passport/ticket holder

I had one from a travel company, but it was cheaply made not-so-good-looking one.
so decided to make up one!
the pattern is based on the 'original' one I had.
it has two big pockets, a pouch to put your passports, a slit for your tickets, and two more small pockets.
made with Echino fabric that had been hibernating in my fabric bin for a quite sometime. 
this blight purple will make it easier to see when you have tons of stuff in your traveling bag :)
(especially you have a toddler to travel with!)

knitting needle case
because I can't really take my sewing machines with me on this trip,
I am planning to knit when I have free time in Japan.
I've been knitting a quite bit more than the last year,
and started accumulating knitting needles.
they deserve a proper home anyway.
this way, they are very organised and easier to travel with!
I used this tutorial, but you also can find a lot more here

zipper pouches
originally made one for my ergo,
then realized they were very handy and made some more for other things!
one of them became a diaper bag, which keeps the bigger diaper bag organized 
and you can just take this smaller diaper bag out when you take the little one to a washroom.
the very big black one is used for my knitting stuff, just big enough for a few rolls of yarn and the needle case.
two more, and I think I am going to use them for socks/underwear, etc...

and the last!
traveler's jewelry case

ever since I saw this creation on Burdastyle,
I had been wanting to make myself one!
it is so handy when you travel and it keeps earrings and necklaces from getting tangled!
I often have a problem(even at home) with that and end up spending 15-20min to unravel the mess.
ha! finally!!
this will make my life so much easier!!

what a week of sewing!!
I got so much stuff done and am ready to travel!!!!!
well, I guess it's time to pack up then :)

P.S. is anyone interested in a how-to on any of the projects above?
maybe I can put it together when I have time?? ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010

little world traveler's backpack

i've been making things for the upcoming Japan trip.
very first thing I wanted make was a backpack for my little one
so that I didn't have to carry her books and toys while we travel.

so here it is, it is all done and ready to be packed up with all the goodies!

 this one is pretty close to this one,
I made my own pattern, but the sewing steps/instructions are pretty much the same,
and used the leftover fabric from this hat

 I added a pocket on backside and outside of the backpack and embroidered around the butterfly print.
also made a bottle holder by simply adding a band with elastic inside of the backpack so the bottle stays upright.
it has an extra cushion of thicker interface on the back and bottom of the backpack for comfort and durability.

it was my first time using piping, and it was great.
I think that is what give the backpack the finished look.

I also did a research on free toddler backpack patterns/tutorials as I was making up my own pattern,
and here is a list of useful links if you'd like to make your little guy one of these!
that crafty mrs. V: free pattern/instruction 
think liz: a long list of free sewing patterns(clothes, accessories, baby items, etc)
indietutes: free toddler backpack tutorial
made by rae: purchase a toddler backpack pattern/instruction 
sew, mama, sew!: free back to school backpack pattern/instruction

I have a few more sewing creations to share,,,
please come back to check them out later :)!

have a great weekend!