Friday, November 18, 2011

finished & published! -burdastyle book-

a couple days ago I received an exciting package in the mail.
it was from Burdastyle.

there enclosed my coat & the newly published book.
so happy and excited to see the finished product!!!
 here are a few of my favorites from the book that other book contributors made.
 blouse alternation by Novita.
 dress variations from Jen and Natasha.
 kids size from Oliver + S.
bag alternation by Layla.
 and,,, here is my coat!

 I was also a bit sad that for the most of the members' creations,
there was no detailed photos or write-ups...
I'm sure they(we) spent a lot of time and did a great hard work.
so, seeing only a tiny photo in the book was a bit, errrr, disappointing.
(well, "unfortunate" might be more of an appropriate word! actually) 
at the same time, I know if they were to talk about every single person's work, 
the book would have been five times thicker, if not more.
 so, that is understandable... 

anyhow, here are a couple more photos of my coat!
sadly enough, it is not going to fit me this winter
after having had to wait for a year and a half to get my coat back...
my huge belly is peeking out and saying hello to the world out there :I

it will be awesome if other members also post more photos of their own version,
and how-to on making the variation!

Friday, November 11, 2011

light quilted jacket

I have been knitting intensively for the past while.
but, decided to make my daughter this jacket while I had some cuts on my fingers,
which made me a bit painful to knit. 
 all the materials are from my stash bins.
I sorted through them the other weekend,
which reduced four bins into two! 
I had LOTS of little scraps that I am probably never going to use,
and some odds/ends from former projects, also random fabric that people had given me.
it made me feel nice to organize some stuff and let go of things I don't need.
clatter is no good.

 the pattern is from Sweet Girl Clothes (ほんのりSweet女の子の服) that I grabbed when I was in Japan.
I have tried a couple different patterns from this book
and it has lots of well designed/constructed cute clothes for girls.
highly recommended!

this quilted fabric is thin and light.
good for fall/spring, and also winter if she wears a nice warm sweater underneath.
the lining is so hard to see, but this naniIRO fabric (in white).
I made it in size 100, but should have made in 110 so that she could wear it next winter/spring...

I was also amazed how quickly I finished it, compared to knitting something like that.
(still) took me a few days, because I could only work on it a short chunk of time when she was in bed,
but it's pretty cool to pull something wearable so quickly!