Tuesday, April 5, 2011

it's ridiculous how many goat pic I take...

more baby goats on the urban farm!
a little over a week ago, Cici had her babies.
she likes to do it all by herself without anyone noticing her going in the labor.
Zlateh had her babies last Friday.
I got to see a goat birth second time,
and this time my daughter got to see it as well!
she got a bit scared since Zlateh was a bit loud pushing the third, breech baby out,
but I told her she was just pushing really hard for the baby to come out.
now she tells us the story all the time.
"Zlateh was pushing baby, bumbum!"


can you find all 5 babies?

although this place has been really great for us (especially for the little one),
we've decided to move into a different place.
just so we could have more our own time and space.
we are going to be moving in a couple weeks.
packing/moving time is back!!

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