Saturday, August 15, 2009

having too much fun!

I've been slaking on blogging.
I know... :(
but I am on vacation and I've been having too much fun!

now, we are in Ashland, staying at our friends'.
it feels really nice to be back.
I like the 'energy' here.
but also feels a bit weired 'visiting' a place we used to live.
-a mix between feeling 'homesick' and nostalgic-
and it doesn't feel like it's been such a long time since we moved away either.

it's also been so wonderful reconnecting with friends.
some moved away, but a lot of our good friends are still here.

little L finally got to meet her baby friends, Etta and Rowan,
and they had a blast playing together the other day :)
it was really cute.
wouldn't that be so cute to see how these kids grow together?

I am already missing living here... :(
and don't feel like going back to current 'home'...

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