Tuesday, June 29, 2010

life in transition + little announcement

my life is still somewhat crazy and unsettled.
well, not there just yet.

we moved into a new place two weekends ago,
and had been painting the room and bathroom for the entire first week!
the walls and sealing were cracking and peeling, which was original old paint.
took us a while to get ready to paint and actual painting part was an experience,too,
because we used all natural/non-toxic paint, called lime paint.

anyhow, it's all done and finally we moved our stuff to the room,
and slept on our own bed first time for the past THREE months!

still need some organizing and more furnitures(which my husband will be making soon, I hope!),
but it feels really good, and relieved to settling in!

I have to introduce this unique household/members to you guys,
but I will save it for another post for sometime this week ;)

before I say goodbye for the day, I have a little but exciting announcement to make!
many of you who are also a member of Burdastyle community might already know about this book project.

I am super excited about the book and to be a part of it!
there will be 60 different artists/seamstresses/designers making a variation of the five different patterns(blouse, skirt, dress, coat, and accessory) that are included in the book.
I will be making a coat!
is any of you also participating?? what are you going to make??
would love to know who is participating!


Novita said...

I'm going to make a top! So happy to 'meet' you in the book. It is super exciting!

Karin said...

Congratulations on everything, how exciting! The lime-paint sounds just wonderful, lucky you that you could use it and didn't have to use yukky toxic paint.
I'm in the book too, I'll be making a coat!

Tiffanyloreneallen said...

HOT DAMN! Go Girl!!

elily00 said...

Congrats! I'm making a dress!

vivatveritas said...

congrats! im making a bag! excited to seeing your coat variation!


::HARUNA:: said...

is any of you who are contributing to the book doing the Video thing??