Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sunshine love

we finally found a 'home' here in Portland!
we moved most of our stuff yesterday and we'll be living there by the weekend :)
we haven't had a 'home' for way too long,,,
I am so excited and looking forward to having our own space and start living again!!

I will post pics of a couple of thing I made for my daughter during our transition...

pattern was from the book I borrowed from my friend.
made with leftover sport fleece and Amy Butler for pocket and hem.

my daughter needed a new hat for the summer.
I used a pattern from Japanese sewing magazine, but forgot the name of it...
I had this fabric saved for sometime, and it was perfect for the hat, I think!
I made this hat while we're staying at my friends'.
my friend and I held a couple craft nights after the kids went to sleep.
it was lots of fun having someone to share the creative time with.
blueberry face :)

it seems like the summer is finally here(skipped spring)!
it had been really rainy and cold.(of course today is one of those days again!)
we're so ready for some sunshine and summer fun!!

I will post some pics of our new home once we settle in :)

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vivatveritas said...

i love them! esp the hat! soo cute:)