Thursday, August 5, 2010

no computer, less distraction

sorry for the lack of posting...
my husband left last Monday to work in Vancouver BC, and took our only computer with him.
so, I am going to be computer-less for THREE weeks!
it is both good and bad.

I have been getting a lot more other things done, including some sewing projects,
other than spend hours on computer, which I tend to do when it is around.
so, that's nice.

but it's really hard on my eyes and fingers to websurf on the cell with a small screen and small keys.
I can use my housemate's computer, but I can't(don't want to) use it for a long time...

I'm sort of out of the Internet world.
but not really...
you can find me here more often during the three weeks.
I never thought I'd be a Twitter'er,,,
but I guess I am now!

I will post about things I sewed when I get a chance, or when he comes home.
by then, see you all on twitter!

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