Monday, July 26, 2010

burdastyle book -shipped- & sewing wishlist

I just went to a FedEx office, and dropped off my coat for the BurdaStyle book project.
it's finally done and over!  yay :)!!

it got really hot here a few days right before the deadline, 
and I was so not feeling sewing a winter coat in the heat!
also I decided to give bounded button wholes a try in a last minute,
so I had to take a couple seams a part.

well, I had to do it, and I DID it!!

I find it still hard having a deadline and keeping my motivation up for it.
all the same as when I was a student.

anyhow, now fun time for sewing starts!

here is a list of the few things I want to make.
1) scalloped/or not shorts 

these shorts Natty made look awesome too!

2) tie skirt

3) airy blouses
I LOVE this peasant blouse!

and oh look!
this version of Alexander blouse posted today on BurdaStyle.
woooo  LOVE!
Alden looks fabulous in it too :)

well actually before I give it a go on another project,
I probably should organize my sewing room(aka closet) first.
since I started on the coat as soon as we moved in to the house,
my sewing space is still such a mess!!

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Linz said...

i hope you share with us once you make 'em!