Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a little over a week left

sorry for not updating the blog much lately....
little miss and I have been having a great time here in Japan,
reconnecting with people and visiting lots of places.

here is a little sneak peak of our trip so far.
 @SF airport right before the looooong plane ride.
she did really well on the planes, except when landing...
her ears were hurting.  I tried to feed her something, but she didn't want to eat/drink...
does anyone have a useful tip for little kids on releasing the ear pressure?

 my folks' place

 family tangerine orchard

 her great grand parents come to visit every morning & evening

 visited the kindergarten I went to.
this whale slide has been here for ages!! 
it looked so big to me back in the day, but now I know it isn't!
glad I got a chance to take my daughter there.  precious memories...

 also went to an aquarium and zoo.
she had FUN!

only a little over a week left...
we also have a few hours in Tokyo...
not enough time to go out and about outside the airport...
hm what to do...?

P.S. thank you all for the comments on the last post!
my mother's computer/Internet is really SLOW,
so, I will get the how-to's together as soon as I get back home...
thnak you for your patience :)


Seow Like Meow said...

Feed her candy!

Ophelia.K said...

Looks like you two are having so much fun in Japan!
It's a precious time, so enjoy it as much as possible.
Maybe you can get yourself a craft book to read at the air port;)

Jess said...

I used to get terrible ear pressure pain when I was a kid as well. A continuos supply of hard candy that she can suck, not chew, works wonders because it makes you swallow. It's a trick I still use now when flying. Hope your little one has a better plane flight back and enjoy your last week.

::HARUNA:: said...

thanks! I thought about the candy idea, but the problem is,,, we haven't been giving her candies/sugary things... hm... I shall think of some alternatives -non sugary sucky thingy!!(what would that be??)

::HARUNA:: said...

>Kayo chan
thank you :)
it would be a piece of cake to kill a few hours if I didn't have her... it would be so much easier! I am crossing my fingers for a playground or some kids area at the airport!!