Wednesday, December 15, 2010

japan trip part2

Hi, everyone!
hope you haven't completely forgotten about me... :I
I know it's been way too long since the last time I really blogged!!

we came back five days ago, and finally jet lag is fading away.
I always find it harder to get use to the time difference back home...  wonder why that is...

anyhow, I know I have to post about LOTS of things, but still not so motivated...  sorry... :(
I will post pictures from the second half of the trip to hold you over for now!
hope you enjoy them!!

at a local beach.
she had a blast! 
that we had to go back!

 with her great grandpa & great grandma watching birds eating tangerines on the tree

 her friend came back to play again :)

right before the loooong plane ride back home...

ahhh, good to be back home and get back to the regular routine, called life!

I will try to post a how-to on the passport case in the next few days.
so please stay tuned!!

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Happy Holidays, everyone!


Ophelia.K said...

Beautiful pictures! Having an orange tree sounds great! I want to have one:) Take your time, we won't forget you!

Karencilla said...

I loved the pictures! =)
Take your time girl!

::HARUNA:: said...

thank you ladies!!
I had some time yesterday, and uploaded the how-to! hope everyone enjoys it... :)