Monday, February 14, 2011

patternmaking class: week 2 & 3

sorry for a luck of updating on my patternmaking class!

in week 2 we had finished the body moulage/sloper.
 and I had little homework to sew a muslin based on the moulage.
last week we tried the muslin on and made some adjustments.
we also started working on the pants sloper, and finished drafting.
now, I am supposed to sew up a muslin and bring in class this week.

all the numbers and calculation make me a little dizzy,
but I guess it's a matter of doing it so many times and getting used to the whole process.

the pant sloper/moulage was A LOT easier than the body one,
less measurements, less lines/darts!!

in the last class, there was a girl from another patternmaking1 class.
her name is Alicia Wood, and she has a line called Ms. Wood.
teacher was introducing her to the class and she mentioned about a feature on her in Portland Monthly Magazine.
Wood Earrings, Large dangle rectangleKimono Sleeved Denim Jacket
she is a stay at home mother of two girls by day, and designer by night.
she also won a 2010 catapult competition(portland fashion week).
what makes me inspired the most is that she plays both mother and designer rolls so well and balanced.
(and I am sure it's a straggle! both time wise and energy wise...)
and also her husband is a woodworker and they corroborate their work.
like these platforms!
Platform shoe/wood/leather

my husband, who is also a woodworker/carpenter, and I also talk about doing some corroborative work together every now and then.
like making lanterns.  he makes the frame, and I will print on the screen...

anyhow,,, it's just great to know there is someone out there making it all happen and work!!
I sometimes feel like my life is on hold and I am stuck taking care of our little girl and family,
although it is absolutely fun, and beautiful, amazing and unique experience raising a family.
but I don't need to feel this way, and don't need to put the spell on myself.
it's just such an encouragement to know there are people making their dream come true.

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Ophelia.K said...

Oh it seems like you have been learning a lot and at the same time having so much fun with your classmates!! I'm happy for you! I am so looking forward to seeing your collaboration work with your hubby!