Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anniversary/Sweet Valentine Giveaway!

last Saturday was our 5th (married) anniversary.
we didn't do too much, but had rather a relaxing day.

I got him a small gift, and he took me out for dinner @ Pok Pok, Thai restaurant, on Division 
since he 'looked bad'(so he says) having not prepared me a gift.
also took an offer on baby sitting from our housemate, and went out for a drink after our little one went to bed.
we had never really gone out just two of us since this girl was born,
but it is nice to be able to do that every once in a while!

I decided to have a giveaway for this occasion, 
combined with an upcoming cerebration of love event, Valentine's day!
here is the prize
-earring/necklace traveling case-
nice to keep your earrings and necklaces from getting tangled and damaged, don't you think?
this little pouch will help you a big time!
so convenient for traveling, or carry a 'backup' jewelry in your bag,
or just for daily uses! 

Knotted Bracelet
-knotted bracelet-
you even get to pick a color!
please pick one of the colors from the above right picture, and state in your comment.
for more details about the bracelet, please visit my etsy shop!

******************************************how it works******************************************
please leave a comment with your e-mail address(if I can't reach you via blogger account),
also with your choice of color for the bracelet.
★bonus entry 1- if you follow my blog, you may leave another comment for an extra entry!
★bonus entry 2 -if you follow me on Twitter, you will also get another entry!! please leave a separate comment.
(up to THREE entries per person!!)
this giveaway ends @ FEB 12th, 11:59pm pacific time.

P.S. a little apology...
I have so much to blog, but since we only have one computer and my hubby has been using it a lot lately for  work, I have not been able to update it often...
I am little behind, but I will find a time and post more!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 5th anniversary! How happy! This is a great little accessory, and in such a lovely fabric. email: rsvptheroomfor@yahoo.com

vivatveritas said...

congratulations on your 5th year anniversary! thats so exciting.
and thanks for hosting the giveaway! i like the bracelet on the top (lavender or gray?) the best:)

i follow your blog, and follow you on twitter as well:)


hana said...

I really like the pink bracelet!

Congratulations on your 5th anniversary :)

Ophelia.K said...

Happy 5th anniversary!! I looooove the jewelry traveling case! It can also be use a key case. The rabbit's necklace is perfect for coming spring!
I would definitely love the green bracelet!!
Thank you so much for this fabulous giveaway!

Ophelia.K said...

I guess the rabbit wasn't a necklace..? Silly me.

JessD said...

Such a lovely idea! My jewelry is always getting tangled up and this will solve the problem. I love the lavender bracelet. My email is jessdunstan@gmail.com

oonaballoona said...

i can't believe i don't follow you already! i use my blogroll so much more than google reader :)

happy anniversary and what an awesome giveaway! i love the very top pale purple bracelet. your etsy shops are beautiful!

if i'm so lucky to win you can contact me thru my blog...

sewsue said...

Glad I happened across your blog! I've added you to my blogroll. What a great and generous giveaway - the pink bracelet would be my choice. suesews4fun@yahoo.com

Lavender B said...

Nice blog! Love the bracelets especially the second one (teal). Congrats on your anniversary.also love the travel case!

Contact: www.thefashioncomesalive.blogspot.com
or xx_lou_xx@live.com.au

LavenderB said...

Just followed you on twitter yay one more entry, you blog rocks i love your stuff, i found your passport holder oon burdastyle. Love it


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the anniversary! I like the blue coloured bracelet :)


Tiffanyloreneallen said...

Dark Blue! Crazy to think that just 5 years ago you were married in my DINING ROOM! LOVE YOU!

Tiffanyloreneallen said...

I follow your blog! Religiously! Your a daily inspiration!

Tiffanyloreneallen said...

I follow you on twitter! NOW! :) T

nette said...

i am totally new to your blog and lucky enough to enter your giveaway on time! ;) what a sweet jewellery case. i love all kinds of little bags. and i would like the lavender bracelet...well, if i win! :)
congratulations on your anniversary! :)

nette said...

and I am a follower now! :D

Anniversary Flowers said...

I have been able to steal so many ideas from your site! Thanks for sharing!