Friday, September 9, 2011

spilling the beans -long over due

okay, it's way over due to announce this here,
but I am pregnant!
I am not sure how the time went by so quickly this time, but I am almost 21weeks!!
 this is my second pregnancy and it often gets forgotten/ignored when you already have a little one to chase after.
finally, I made a point of taking some photos(first time!) of this pregnancy today.
I need to start documenting it more often since most likely this is going to be my last one.
my almost-three-yr-old girl is very excited to be a big sister, 
and she tells me she can't wait to hold the baby when he/she comes out. very cute :)

although we're not going to find out the sex of the baby until the baby comes out, and my little girl thinks it's a BOY,
I couldn't resist this baby sailor dress when I saw it at a local thrift store...
well, it costs only a few bucks!
also I found these awesome kids wooden clogs at the same store!
not sure who makes them. can't find a tag. perhaps handmade?
they are still too big for the little one. she has a few more years to grow into!

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CreativeMama said...

Congrats and best wishes for your pregnancy to go well and for your new little bundle of joy!