Tuesday, September 27, 2011

knitting for babies

 a few weeks ago, I knitted the vintage pixie hat and mary jane booties for my newest niece, Sophia.
she was born in July, and I had been wanting to send her something, but didn't decide what up until now...


 finally sent them out last weeks and I haven't heard from my sis-in-law that they have received the package yet, 
but I think they will be perfect little cozy things to keep little Sophia warm in Winnipeg fall.
hope she sends me some pictures of her wearing these!

and because I still had the leftover yarn from the projects above, decided to knit my little baby something.
little baby booties!  
it was probably an appropriate sock project for me as I have never knitted socks before 
and to  see if I even like knitting socks. 
the first one took me a little while to get going, 
but the second half went by quickly. 
although I kida liked knitting socks, I don’t think I am ready to knit socks for “big” people…

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theperfectnose said...

hahaha. Best of luck for the big day!