Wednesday, October 19, 2011


for some reason, I don't seem not to be able to fill my head with knitting and knitted items...
my pinterest board is filling up rather quickly with the warm cozy things...
maybe because of the fall air.
yes, fall is here. definitely.
crisp, clear, fall air.

I can't stop thinking about owning a perfect piece of comfortable, warm pullover(or cardigan).
I am not a big fan of a puffy big sweaters, usually, so I don't even own a single pullover.
but I am really digging the ones below. 

newest knitting endeavor

(pic 1234 & 5)

if I could afford paying $$$ for a sweater(am sure it's worth the money),
I would love to own a few.
I am also daydreaming about knitting myself one,
and have been searching a perfect pattern on Ravelry,
but I haven't found a single one there.
I am sure it's not too hard to design your own if you know how to knit different kinds of cables and how to knit a basic sweater,
but I am not quite comfortable with designing my own just yet....

well... there is also another thing,,,
 I am not going to fit in it for the next while anyway as my belly is already HUGE but only keeps getting bigger...

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