Friday, October 7, 2011

what it turned out to be, instead...

so, I decided to take my very first cardigan for my daughter, which I knitted last march, apart
and make it into something else. 
although it was an emotionally hard decision(sort of) to make, 
the cardigan was very baggy around her neck, 
and I really wanted her to have something I knitted for this fall. 

  I purchased this pattern from Ravelry, my first purchase.
and for some reason, it was $1.20 off, which made myself justify buying the pattern 
with a promise of making more than one of them- maybe for gifts.

so, here it is!
I think I made the right choice! 
it was a super quick project, a piece o' cake.
this vest cardigan is a much better fit on her. I love the color on her, too :)

although I have been in the knitting binge lately and have a bunch of projects lined up,
 it started to drive me crazy as of yesterday...
I was excited to open my yarn order, but one of the yarn colors looked different from what I expected
(I'm sure it happens often when you're online shopping),
and I didn't read one of the patterns well enough that I am actually short on the yarn,
AND the yarn I picked for specific projects didn't seem "right" to me any more....
maybe too much of one thing isn't good.
time for a little break?

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