Friday, November 11, 2011

light quilted jacket

I have been knitting intensively for the past while.
but, decided to make my daughter this jacket while I had some cuts on my fingers,
which made me a bit painful to knit. 
 all the materials are from my stash bins.
I sorted through them the other weekend,
which reduced four bins into two! 
I had LOTS of little scraps that I am probably never going to use,
and some odds/ends from former projects, also random fabric that people had given me.
it made me feel nice to organize some stuff and let go of things I don't need.
clatter is no good.

 the pattern is from Sweet Girl Clothes (ほんのりSweet女の子の服) that I grabbed when I was in Japan.
I have tried a couple different patterns from this book
and it has lots of well designed/constructed cute clothes for girls.
highly recommended!

this quilted fabric is thin and light.
good for fall/spring, and also winter if she wears a nice warm sweater underneath.
the lining is so hard to see, but this naniIRO fabric (in white).
I made it in size 100, but should have made in 110 so that she could wear it next winter/spring...

I was also amazed how quickly I finished it, compared to knitting something like that.
(still) took me a few days, because I could only work on it a short chunk of time when she was in bed,
but it's pretty cool to pull something wearable so quickly!


Molly said...

Really lovely! And your little model is the cutest!

jen said...

Wow! Beautiful coat, your daughter looks so adorable in it! I love a girl who shares my yellow/mustard tights love

Unknown said...

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