Thursday, March 26, 2009

yum yum

Well, I am impressed with myself!
I am doing pretty well with keeping my blog going...
Not only keeping up with it, but also I have been able to have some time and energy to sew and do other things!
good job, me :)
Last weekend, I got a request form my husband, let's call him B, for butter tarts.
and, here they were!
I ended up making 27 of them.
We took some to our friends, but we ate the rest within a couple of days...!
Anything sweet doesn't last more than a few days around here. hehehe
I always use a recipe from his family for butter tarts.
Simple ingredients, and they taste fantastic!
It was probably not a very good idea for the breast milk,
but oh well, mommy needs a little treat once in a while :P
And last night, I made Kamut Berry Salad.

This salad is one of our favourite salads.

We used to buy it at Ashland Food Co-Op all the time when we lived down in Oregon.

It is super yummy and good for you.

We loved and missed it so much that I started making my own Kamut Salad.

I think it is very close to the original and tastes fab!


just talking about food makes me hungry!

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a.b. said...

Looks waaay good! I love baking and cooking.