Tuesday, May 26, 2009

japan finds

I am back home from our trip to Japan.
It took me a while to recover from jetlag, and it was especially hard with a baby...
She kept waking up so many times in the middle of a night,
and sometimes she was up for a few hours...
Now she is pretty much back on her normal schedule,
and I am trying to get back on sewing and crafting!

There were so many neat cute stuff in Japan.
I wanted to bring back a lot of stuff, but my small laggage had reached its max.
These are a few things I brought back home with me.

Cute Stamp Set
I love these!
I already used them when I wrote to my firends.

Masking Tapes
Cute masking tapes were 'in' in Japan.
I found them pretty much everywhere I went.
I bought a few to use them for decolating gifts.

naniIRO Fabric

I went to a fabric store.
I had no intention to buy any fabric there.
Well, more like I had to try not to buy any fabric
because there was little room in my laggage for anything.
But, I needed this fabric!
This is one of naniIRO collections.
I am thinking to make myself a summer dress :)

Sewing Magazine

Found this in a book store.
There are so many cute clothes in the magazine.
I have to make some things with the patterns.

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