Wednesday, May 27, 2009

lace magic

I did a little sewing project today.
very easy and quick one to start with.
my mom got these very simple shirts for my daughter while we were in Japan.
they were $3 each, cheap for brand new baby clothes!
(yes, baby clothes can be really expensive!!)

I wanted to add something to the shirts.
so, I sewed some lace details on them :)

I also found the laces in a Japanese dollar store. good deal!
I find Japanese dollar stores so much better than ones in North America.
They have a lot more stuff, and they are much higher quality.

I like using lace in a lot of my projects.
I think they are so lovely and they add a nice accent.
a quick and simple project,
but they look so much cuter, don't you think?

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Karin said...

Ah, I so miss the haku-en-stores, they're much better than the swedish equivalence too... I treasure my little ginger-grater that I bought there, and the sesamy-grating-bowl too...