Friday, May 29, 2009

in the sweet little box

when I got home from the long flight and ferry ride back home from Japan,
I found this little box sitting on a dining table.
It was from my friend Jennifer.
She is a good friend of mine from Ashland.
She owns a cutest store there, called PRIZE.
I love love LOVE that store!
She has such a great taste in everything!!
The store is stocked with a bunch of goodies, like candies from all over the world and fancy jewelry.
She is in love with France, especially Paris, and Japan, so there are so many goodies from those places.
I also worked there for a while when I lived there.
We were to move to Canada, so I had to quit the job...
I loved working there and didn't want to leave.
It was very sad to say good bye to the store and Jennifer & her mother, Olive :(

Okay, get back to what was in the box...

There were little gifts to my daughter!

a cute blanket, kitty booties, and candies!

This little box reminded me a lot about of the sweet memories of working in the store.
It made me miss Ashland even more....
You should most definitely visit this store if you have a chance to go to Ashland!

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