Wednesday, October 14, 2009

teal tulip

I've never entered to any sewing contests before.
this is my very first time...
usually, I don't even think about participating in any of the contests Burdastyle hosts - it's just too much work!
but this time, I decided to get my lazy butt off and make a skirt, and I was actually excited about it.
I think it's because the pattern that was required to use as a base was a very simple one.
I like simple things :)

so here I went, I started with the original A-line skirt pattern,
and decided to keep the front and back yoke as is.
then altered the rest majorly.
I wanted a nice drapy detail in front.
I tried to figure out how it works the way I imagined by folding, cutting, and gluing the original pattern.
and of course, by 'trial and error'.

a simple project turned into a confusing frustrating project...

I was getting so consumed by it as it wasn't coming together nicely.
I almost gave up.
but I was very persistent.
not because I wanted to win, but I wanted to challenge myself, I guess.
I am a stubborn person!

so this is how it came out....

pretty close to how I imagined.

the black lacy lining is a separate piece that is made out of an upcycled material.

it became more like a tulip skirt...
hope it was okay to enter this to an A-line skirt contest...

I am excited to see other people's entries!


vivatveritas said...

i think it looks so cute! i love tulip shape, and am impressed you figured out the way to do it from the original a line pattern. great work!!

lunatepetal said...

thanks, chie :)
well, there was a lot of cutting and gluing involved in this project. so, the final product turned out to be totally different. it was a good learing experience and a test for my patience, for sure!