Friday, October 23, 2009

how-to -hammered hoop earrings-

okay, here is the how-to I had been meaning to post!

-hammered hoop earrings-

here are the tools you need for this project.
in addition to the basic wirework tools, you need a chasing hammer, bench block and flat micro file.
you also see a piece of gold fill wire in the pic.
I used 18 gauze, soft wire.
some people find the 18 gauze wire hurt their pierced ears, so if that is the case, use 20 gauge.

measure the circumference using a tape measure.
here, I used a round nail polish bottle.
and I will be wrapping the wire around it to make a perfect circle.
you can use anything round(and relatively hard) depending on how big you'd like to make your hoop.
it measures 3.5", so I cut the wire 4.5" to have some extra to work with.

make a simple loop on one end.

then wrap it around the nail polish bottle to make a nice hoop.

then bend the other end, and clip off the excess.

it should look like this.

using a flat micro file, round the sharp edge of the bent end.
this will go through your ear, so be extra cautious there is no sharp/rough spot.

set the hoop on a bench block, and use the flat side of the head,
hammer the hoop until it is slightly flattened.

you don't need to make it completely flat,
because we'll give it some texture in the next step.

this is how it looks after flattened.
you see I banged more on the bottom middle part.
this will give the hoop a look that has more weight on the bottom.

now, use the other end of the head, hammer the hoop to give it texture.

just like step ⑥ focus more on the bottom middle part.

repeat ②~⑦ to make another hoop.
now you have a pair of simple yet gorgeous hoop earrings added to your wardrobe :)

p.s. have a lovely weekend :)


Karin said...

Oh, they are lovely!
What material is the wire, is it gold or does it just look like gold? And where do you get it?
Btw, I like your blog!

lunatepetal said...

Hi, Karin :)
I used 14k Goldfill(real gold chemically bonded to a basemetal core) here in the project. you can get wires for jewelry making at bead stores, and there is a quite few online stores too.