Monday, October 19, 2009

wearing mineral mask

I've been neglecting to take care of my skin ever since little L was born.
just too busy, too many things I want/have to do everyday.
my days go by too fast.

right now, I am wearing mineral mask made by
Eminence while little L is taking her afternoon nap.
I used to buy their products, and I realised I still had some mineral masks left!
their products are great!
it is like raw food for your skin!
hmmmm, yum :)

oh, excuse me, I gotta go wash it off!


okay, I am back :)
ahhhhhhhh it feels so great!

my skin so needed the nourishment and replenishment.

from now on, I should just make 10minuets for myself.
mondays are now officially my skin care day :)
a great way to start my week!

I would love to try this new line of theirs!

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