Friday, November 20, 2009

catch up's and sale announcement

Hello :)
sorry for slacking!
we've been really busy these days.

I have been working on a dress for my best friend.
she is going to a couple of weddings, so I got a commission from her.
I am almost done with it. just need to finish the sleeves and the hem!
I will post pictures when it's done.

since little L(my daughter) is getting more active everyday,
we started looking into baby/kids activities in the area.
in BC, there is a program called Strong Start.
free drep-in programs for preschool kids with their parents/gardians and caregivers.
usually held at elementary schools.
it provides kids a place to play and learn,
and it is an awesome way to meet other families and make friends.
luckily, we have an elementary school in walking distance where they offer this program!
Thursdays are music day, and it is also baby friendly(some activities can be still a bit hard for little L).
so we've been going there on Thursdays and singing and playing instalments, like bells and drums.
it's been really fun and great for little L
not only because she loves music, but also it's so good for her to interact with other kids and babies.

also, we've been going to a baby massage class.
our friend's mom and her co-worker are doing five Friday massage class for FREE!
today was the 3rd class, and it's been awesome.
she does pretty good laying down quietly, if you consider now she is in the phase that is all about moving around!
and everyone in the class is amazed :)
and she passes out after the class.
it is a great way to relax your baby, and an amazing way to connect/communicate with your child.

okay, now I have a little announcement.

I am going to have a pre-holiday sale at my Etsy shop.
it will be the week of Nov. 29th to Dec 5th.
I will make a post about it again when the day comes closer!


p.s. have a happy weekend♥

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