Friday, November 27, 2009

learning to...

a few days ago, I and little L made a trip to a local library.
along with a few baby books for little L,
I found this book on crochet.

although, my mom knitted a lot when I was little, and made me a few sweaters,
I am so not a knitter!
I do not have that kind of patience...
I know for some people it is a form of relaxation, something to do with their hands involuntarily.
some people can multitask - knitting & watching a movie or something.
but, for me, the repetitive stitches makes me bored,
and the worst thing is, a little embarrassing to say, I can't count!
I can't keep track of how many of this stitches for how many rows,
and I have to start all over again.
then after doing that a few times, I am done! I give up!! end up with n o t h i n g...
I can crochet!! - if it is a small, quick project.
I've made hats and finger-less mitts before with the only stitch I know - single crochet.
the window case of yarn shop looks so pretty and cozy.
and this cold weather has been making me want to crochet.
it's perfect for this cold rainy season - something to do at home while you stay dry and warm.
AND, it is time to learn something new, I'd say.
too many single crochet stitches won't be that exciting.
so, here is the result :)
I made little L a scarf and spider mum flower pin :)
I tried a few different stitches that looked very pretty and elaborate.
but of course something here and there didn't make sense to me, and I failed...
so the scarf is done with half double crochet.
well, little baby steps at a time...

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