Friday, April 9, 2010

what we've been up to...

so, I guess I can sort of tell you what we've been up to.
we have been trying to make a move to somewhere inspiring that we'd love to live!

I won't tell you where we're thinking of moving just yet,
just because it may not work out...

currently we're in a transitional phase.
I and my little girl are staying at my husband's sister's place while my husband keeps working out of town.
his sister and her family had been gone for a couple weeks to Japan to visit family.
(yes, his sis is married to a Japanese guy. two Japanese people in the family! interesting, eh?)

while they were gone, I had an animal care taking job at their place.
they have a cat and a bunch of chickens.
I feed them, collect the eggs twice a day and tuck them in at night.
sure chickens taste good and I certainly love eggs, but oh man, I can't stand them...
they kind of creep me out - how them move is very weired and I can't figure out what they're thinking(if not at all)...

I even chopped some wood yesterday! it was a lot of work!!!
I don't think I've ever used an ax before.

what a way of life!
it is very inspiring to be living off grid and be self-sustainable,
but I think I'm going to wait another ten fifteen ears before I get into a country living!


Akazukin said...

Wow that egg is huge! I know what you mean about chickens. I was thinking someday it would be nice to not have to buy eggs from the supermarket but I don't know if I could handle the chickens. I hope your transition goes well.

P.S. That last image is precious.

Ophelia.k said...


I had been wondering what was going on..
Hope your family can settle down somewhere you really feel like "fit in".
Country living sounds great for me, but yeah, it can be far later.

Anyway, I am glad that you are doing well. Good luck!!!

Twila said...

Beautiful photos...especially of the wood.


christine said...

I was wondering what was up! Hope it all works out well for you.... absolutely love the photo of all the eggs. Keep us all posted! I passed on a "Sunshine Blog Award" to you, thanks for always having such great posts!

::HARUNA:: said...

that giant egg turned out to be a double yoker! it is definitely great to know your food comes from safe lovong place!

::HARUNA:: said...

thanks! I am definitely ready to settle down somewhere I'd love to live for a while!! moving is exhausting and takes so much creative energy out of you...

::HARUNA:: said...

thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
your blog seems cool, and I'd love to read it when I have more time :)

::HARUNA:: said...

thanks for the award! I will write a post soon. currently I barely get online and we're enjoying the countly living!! but miss reading all the good blogs including yours!!
can't wait to tell all about this transition!

Atsuko said...

We miss you guys a lot!!
PLEASE come back to CV, we will have more fun together for sure!

Tiffanyloreneallen said...

Missing you... Come back to the blog-o-sphere! Give Luka a KISS for me!