Thursday, March 18, 2010

changes are happening...

sorry for not blogging often lately...
some changes are coming upon us,
well, maybe they are happening as I speak.
I can't quite tell you what the changes are...
well, I, myself, can't even keep up with them, nor am I entirely sure how they will play out.
so, I will post about that later when things are more clear and sure.

anyhow, I finally watched this movie, called New York, I love You.
I had been wanting to watch this for a long time.

it is constructed from a bunch of different short stories, which are also interwoven together somehow.
each short story is written and directed by different play writer and director.

the main reason why I wanted to watch it was because I like the similar movie called, Paris je t'aime.
I guess, it is the same production...

here are the little youtube trailers.

I loved them both movies, but I think it would be much more fun watching it if you know(have visited or lived)those cities.
recognizing so many places and land marks in the movies would have made it much more real.

anyhow they are both good :)

I am trying to keep up with reading everyone else's blog even though I may not leave a comment.
I promise, I will write about what's going on as soon as it becomes more clear!

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Anonymous said...

Oh - best of luck in how everything goes; hoping that whatever changes may come - they ultimately yield happiness for you. Also thanks for the movie tip - that's all I've been doing in the evenings!!!