Thursday, February 4, 2010

japasese sewing books

yesterday, I and little L(my daughter) had a playdate with other ha-pa(half-Japanese) kids and their moms in the valley.
I had no idea until recently that there were a quite few japanese people living in this valley.
(well,,, yes, you can find japanese people everywhere, that's true!)

one of the mothers kindly lent me some of her japanese sewing/pattern books.
(thank you!)

this one on dresses is awesome!
they all are so very lovely and look comfortable to wear.
it's so attempting to try them all!

these books on kids clothes are also very cute.
I don't even know why I borrowed these,,, obviously they are still way too big for little L.
but for sure I have to copy some of the patterns for when she is bigger(in 8yrs or something!).
look at the trench coat and the sailor pants on the covers!
I want those!!


Linz said...

i LOVE japanese sewing and craft books. every time i go to a little japanese bookstore, my hands shake because i want to buy them so badly. it's just too bad that most of them are written in japanese...and i can't read it. :( by the way, the high school i attended had a lot of ha-pa students. i used to be in AWE of their grandparents, because usually, their asian grandparents could speak english SO well (i grew up surrounded by asian adults who couldn't speak a lick of english). and they brought cupcakes for our volleyball games! such a departure from my mom, who was so quintessential korean, bringing korean treats and cookies. ahhh, good times.

Linz said...

by the way, my sister-in-law is japanese, and she has a few japanese sewing books. she brought her child's clothes from japan - the ones her mom made for her - and i was floored by how CUTE they were!

G&M said...


::HARUNA:: said...

most of the japanese sewing books has good illustrations, and they are relatively easy projects. maybe your sis-in-law can help you with that, too :)

::HARUNA:: said...

thanks :)
your blog is awesome!

Ashley Noel said...

Don't you just love Japanese sewing and craft books? The pictures are always so beautifully done .

By the way, thank you for adding me, your blog is lovely!

::HARUNA:: said...

>Ashley Noel
thanks for your comment!
I am thinking of stocking up a few of Japanese sewing books next time I go back to Japan. it will be hard to pick only a 'few'...