Monday, January 3, 2011

japanese souvenir

it's kinda late for this, but still wanted to upload all the goddies I brought back from Japan this time.

 I got all of them on sale.
unicorn one is a gift for my friend.

 sewing notions
the bigger one is for ironing.
you put it in between folded fabric, and it helps to keep the hem allowance even(same length).
small one is for adding sewing allowance. 
when you are tracing an existing pattern, it comes handy.
especially the ones from Japanese sewing books, they don't have the sewing allowance included, 
which is very inconvenient!

sewing & embroidery books
the left one is called "She Has a Mannish Style" (気分はマニッシュ)
The right one is called "Wappen" (Uiの刺繍ワッペン)

 I had been wanting to learn embroidery.
so this one is perfect!

there were so many cool Japanese sewing/crafting magazines/books over there 
and it was so hard to choose a couple from so many,
but these caught my interest the most.

 mt(masking tape) and stamps

 these are so much more expensive to buy (via etsy or ebay) over here,
I had to replenish my supply...


Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

i have the top right birdie fabric too! i use it as a table cloth:) japan has too many cute sewing books - i wish i had more budget for those books! :p

::HARUNA:: said...

i tied hard not to go look around in the fabric shop,,, but my will was not strong enough to walk by the sale rack, which was placed just beside the elevator(of course that is where it would be!)...
yes, there is so many cute japanese sewing books, for sure!! but it seems difficult to find 'well-drafted' ones... don't you think?(maybe just me...)