Tuesday, January 25, 2011

patternmaking class: week 1

last week I started on the patternmaking class at Portland Sewing.
I had been looking forward to it since I registered to the class around the christmas.

I met my classmates and teacher in the first class.
some are already in the apparel/fashion industry,
and some are beginner/intermediate sewer like myself.
regardless of the difference in skills/levels, I was super excited to be in the class and meeting the people.
it's good to be in the environment that makes you motivated and inspired :) 

in the last class, we paired up, took some measurements, and started work on bodice moulage.
and we will be continue working on drafting it this week, I think. 

I also met someone whom I had been following online(blog) of.
she is also taking the class and she is the one who recommended me about Portland Sewing.
it was kinda weired( in a good way) and a bit awkward for me to meet someone virtual in 3D.
it's like meeting a mini-celebrity of your own world-I know you (somewhat) well, but you don't know me.
and it is probably weired for them to be known by a stranger, 
and asked "aren't you from xxxx?  I read your blog!".

anyhow, it was and is still cool and fun to meet her in a real life!
and maybe I get to know her a bit better, separate from the online world.

a bit off topic,,,
but I will keep updating on my class!

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Ophelia.K said...

ついに!!!Yay! I am so interested in the pattern making class you are in! It sounds so exciting! Must be fun to have such a great classmates and improve your skill with them. Good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing your work:)