Thursday, March 3, 2011

chelsea vol.1

this afternoon, I received a package from Japan.
 it was from satomi!!
I had been super stoked about it ever since we made a deal.
(well, it was more like an offer from her :) sweet person!)

I throughly enjoyed reading/looking through Chelsea vol.1, the little paper she made about her trip to Prague.
great pictures and writing, which made me feel like I was on this trip withe her.
I especially wish I was really there to eat all those tasty looking yumminess!!
I am a food lover :)
and look at all the souvenir goodies came along with the paper!
I don't think I could use the baby deer tissue, too cute to waste... awe.

thank you, satomi :)!!!
hope you'll get my package soon.


satomi said...



Cecili said...

Dear Satomi, I enjoy your lovely blog so much that I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award! If you accept it please tell us 7 things about you and give it to 7 bloggers

Cecili said...

I'm so sorry I called you Satomi, I was tired and didn't realise I made this mistake^^ No, I insist that award is for you Haruna, sorry again!