Thursday, March 10, 2011

seven things about me...

received Stylish Blogger Award from Cecili of Sewing and so on.
upon the acceptance of the award, I am supposed to share SEVEN things about me with you here.
hm, kida hard to come up with seven facts...
let me see...

I used to wear baggy clothes.  casual street style, I guess...
now most of those clothes are happily inherited to my husband :)

I am a couscous omnivore, and eat mainly organic.
all the food we consume is sacred whether they have a face and feet or not.  
I am grateful and thankful for all the life-force that keeps us sustain.

I used to study to be a occupational therapist.  
but decided that carrier wasn't for me, and dropped out of school.
I still have textbooks from anatomy/physiology class -I though it was the best class ever! geeky.

I am very closed to my dad's side grandparents.
because we lived so close by, they are like my second parents.

my parents are somewhat conservative, and my mom didn't approve of piercing. 
but I got them done anyway, first time when I was nineteen. 
now I have three, one on each ear and nose.  nothing extreme. at all.  
I think my younger sis has six, and she wants to get a tattoo.(good luck sis!)

I have naturally lighter hair for Japanese. 
my middle/high school teachers thought it was dyed and gave me a couple warnings.  so silly!  
most of the Japanese schools has lots of rules regarding length of hair, length of uniform skirt/pants, etc...  
and no makeup rule of course.  
so conservative and surplussed!

my biggest bug enemy is cockroaches!  
they usually come flying by whenever I encounter.  oh, they KNOW!!  
I am so happy that (so far) I have never seen them over here in North America.  
I guess their preferred inhabitant is humid and warmer(tropical) climate...?

well, it was fun getting to re-know myself.
now I am suppose to pass it down to seven bloggers.
hm it's even harder to pick so few out of many!!
cheated little, and I listed eight, instead of seven...haha
no pressure, but hope to read more about you ladies!!

my mother in law sent my husband these old pictures.
most of the pictures from his childhood burned in a fire.
and these are a few of remaining... so precious.

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