Wednesday, March 16, 2011

earthquake in Japan

as the most, if not all, of us know the huge earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, my home county, almost a week ago.
fortunately, most of my family lives down south in Kyushu, so there was a minimum impact.
my sister had been back in Tokyo from a year stay in London a few days before the earthquake,
and I have a couple of uncles and their families near Tokyo.
they are all fine and safe.

although all of my family members are fine,
it is still devastating and heart wrecking to hear and see what's happening there right now...
the overwhelming sadness and grief... 

but there is still a hope.
people are not giving up.
I heard miraculous stories,
a woman giving a birth in the midst of the chaos,
a four month old girl found alive after three days in the rubble,
even the people who are in the roughest condition are caring for others.

I can't do much as a individual to help them out except making a small amount of donation, 
considering what the actual damage is... 
and I am sending my healing prayer to the people and land of Japan.
if you haven't made any donation, please help, even small amounts count.
you  can also do so from may sites, like paypal

also I have decided to donate 20% of all the sales from my Etsy shop to Jaoanese Red Cross,
starting today for a whole year untill March 11, 2012.
hoping this also encourage people to lead small changes to a big cause.

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