Saturday, May 14, 2011

belated birthday post

last Wednesday was my 28th birthday.
here goes my belated birthday post.

I tried a new hairdo.

I had tried to do something like this a few times before, but it didn't stay up very well.
so had been wanting to figure out how to make it 'stay'.
 got a hint from Kathleen's recent post, and came up with the way to stay up.
unlike the tutorial, this has no hair band going all around the entire head. 

my husband came home with a bunch of (one of) my favorite flowers.
 it had been way to long since the last time I received flowers from him.
I kept giving him hints for the last five months or so.
and see, this is the result ;)

lastly(but not least, of course!),
I finally came to the realization that birthday isn't really about me.
I came into this world, grew bigger and older so I could stand on my own feet, and am still happy and healthy.
this is all because there are(were) people who loves(ed) me and care(d) about me.
it is a day to thank them all for that and to feel the gratefulness .
 I thank all for being a part of my life.
I am one very lucky girl to have you in my life!

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend :)

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