Monday, May 16, 2011

perfume adventure

I am definitely not a type who enjoys wearing perfume all the time.
but when I went to a local market the other day, and had a slice of watermelon samples,
I totally fell in love with the smell of the flesh watermelon.
also as the summer is approaching, 
the sent of watermelon(perhaps combined with cucumber) would be perfect, I thought.

so I went on etsy, my usual place to browse and shop, and searched.
 I ordered a sampler from Etiquette.

  (they came in the cute little box, too!)
although I loved all the scents in the sampler, they weren't quite the smell I am looking for.
so, my perfume adventure continues...
if anyone has a recommendation on watermelon/cucumber perfume,
let me know!
I am looking for something crisp and light, but less floral and sweet...


kristen elisabeth said...

I am also not a big fan of floral fragrances. The Demeter fragrance line has very interesting scents, not dressed up or overly sweet. They are the MOST true to smell perfumes I have ever smelled. They have a cucumber ( and a Watermelon Lollipop (
My personal favorites are grass, rain and salt air. They are pretty affordable too!

mahaila said...

Wow! These scents sound interesting! I will have to keep my eye out for something similar at the markets. nice!