Monday, June 1, 2009

summer shorts with bow

I was sewing pretty much all day, making the shorts.
I wanted to make something like these ever since I saw something similar to these somewhere online.

I used navy blue linen. They are super comfortable!
Linen makes perfect summer clothes :)

I used Ruby pattern by Burdastyle as a base,
but instead of using buttons on the side for closure, I just used a zipper fly in the front.
It was my very first time making shorts/pants,
so it was a bit challenging, especially trying to figure out how to insert a zipper fly.
I used a sewing book for a reference.
I also made the belt to tie a bow on the waist.
You can place the bow anywhere you like
- front, side or back!
I think it adds some more femininity to the simple pair of shorts.

It was a good practice, and I think I can do it better next time!
and yes, those are my daughter's cloth diapers... :)

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Cecili said...

There are so many creations I like on your blog that I can't comment on all of them, but these shorts are fabulous!