Thursday, October 28, 2010

this season's first knitting project

do you remember this post where I wrote about Happy Knit's anniversary party?

I started working on the slippers on that weekend, and it didn't take me too long to finish knitting all the parts.
 upon assembly, I came across the designer's blog for Bickford seam video tutorials.
then I did some research on 'felting' because I've never done it before, but it didn't look that hard.  however, our washing machine is an old front-loader, and it seemed having a hard time felting.  in addition to it is a front-loader having some trouble felting, compare with the top-loader, maybe the hottest set water wasn't hot enough?  hm :I                           well, that's done anyway and took them a few days to dry(I'm sure it would have been quicker outside!)
 made couple fabric covered buttons, and sewed all the parts together.                 taddaaaa :) 

actually they are technically NOT DONE yet,,,
the pattern called to put something, like puffy paint, on the bottom sole to give them more friction.
yet my housemate gave me a better piece of advised to sew leather on the sole to make them more durable and warmer.
I think it's a great idea and I'd love to try that.
that will be my first project with leather as well.
a simple, no stress project for a first timer!
I will tell you all about it once I get them done :)
stay tuned!

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