Thursday, September 10, 2009

love & hate

I am a shoe addict.
getting a new pair totally excites me.
and makes me happy.

as much as I love shoes
I hate breaking into them.

the first day when I wear a new pair makes me really nervous...
I have to think over so many times if it is even worth getting my feet hurt...
and usually a procrastination takes place for a few occasions until I feel I must.

so I've owned this pair of vintage shoes for a few months.

could have worn them long time ago,
but neglected them for a while.
(needless to say, I had been wanting to wear them so badly...)

last weekend, I decided to wear them for the very first time.
vintage - well, doesn't sounds that bad. right?
someone else already broke into them, and the leather should be nice and soft, I thought.


W R O N G !

I got so many blisters on my right foot.. X(
(thank god, it's only one foot!)

that is one of the good reasons I always carry bandades in my wallet.
sure they are so very handy!

by now, I should also learn to carry another pair of comfortable shoes when I wear a new pair for the first time...


Daughters of Dawn said...

YES!! I totally feel your pain. On the bus, on my way home from work one day. A lady noticed me looking at my bloody heel and she was so kind and tore through her purse to offer 2 bandades. I think this is something we all know and suffer through.

::HARUNA:: said...

hi, D of D :)
don't you hate that? poor feet,,, they have to go through this so many times... :(
it got so uncomfortable that I decided to go on bare feet by the end of the day...

p.s. looked like you had a lot of fun in Japan! thanks for sharing the pics :)