Thursday, September 24, 2009

rescue me

I love Bach RESCUE REMEDY series.
especially the pastilles are my favourite!
they taste very yummy flowery citrus.
it makes you calm and relieves you from stress!
you can take it when you are pregnant and breastfeeding!
it even helps with a teething baby :)
you can also use it for your pets.

a must have at your home and in your bag :)


Karencilla said...

oh my can i have one of those?

lunatepetal said...

hi, Karen :)
can you get these in Panama? hope you can!! they are great!

Kelly & Tracy said...

hmm haven't heard of these, I will have to try them

lunatepetal said...

Hello & welcome, Kelly & Tracy, to my blog :)

yes, they are so handy! most definitely, you should try them :)

Blue is in Fashion said...

I really love the cat in your profile picture :)

lunatepetal said...

hey, thanks for your comment :)
i love cats!
we love two at home, and they are my daughter's best friends :)