Wednesday, March 10, 2010

more knitting

oh, it's so gorgeous out!
but here I am sitting inside knitting in our shady home(our suite has lots of big windows, but gets no sun)...

after leaning how to knit, all I want do recently is to knit.
yes, yes, I know the spring is just around the corner and we've been having nice sunny warmer days.
but a few days of the coldness left is a good enough reason for me to knit.
I am sure it will fade away once the sunny beautiful spring really hits here.

here are what I've been working on :)

●my toque(that's what we call knitted hat here in Canada) #2●
based on this pattern.
but I didn't repeat the cable pattern all the way around, instead broke them up with some knit stitches in between.
currently on hold because I ran out of yarn, and the store I got it was out of stock and put it in order...

●fingerless gloves for my hubby●
it took me a few re-do's to get a pair of gloves done for him.
originally I was going with this pattern,
but my husband is pretty picky(with pretty much everything!),
and he said it was too long, too baggy around the wrist, etc,,,
and finally turned out how he wanted(well, sort of,,, close enough... :I)
he didn't really like the yarn either because it was too 'sweater-like'.
ha! oh well, that's all I had!!

●my toque #3●
based on this pattern.
I liked how Novita did hers, so I decided to integrate the cables(braids) into it.
it is a bit too big and loose, but may shrink a little after washing it(although the yarn itself came pre-washed).
but I still like it :)

although I don't really like cold winter weather,
now I get excited just for the perfect opportunities to wear my knitted things :) :) :)


Ophelia.k said...

The toques are pretty!! I love them!
It's funny that my husband is also picky about crochet works I made for him... I just do it for myself I guess.

I am sure you will miss knitting in summer and may work in cool AC room;)

Tiffy said...

CUTE! I like, you'll have to show me how you did it... I'll bring needles!