Monday, March 1, 2010

shoe addiction

one of my bad habits is 'collecting' shoes.
yes, I have a shoe addiction!!

in order not to 'collect' shoes, I try to get the ones I wear for sure.
(no high heels... they are just not so practical for me.)

regardless of my effort, my pile of shoes keeps growing, seemingly, every months.
there are some pairs I will never wear, or wear maybe once or twice a year.
I probably should get rid of them...

but oh well, what can I do?
lots of shoes make me so happy :)
here are a coupe of cuties added to the collection this week!

I found the purple bow shoes(left) at a local vintage store.
they were 18 bucks, but I had some store credits from consignment items, so they were free!
the black flats were thrifted today for $2.
they show the toe-lines(don't know what to call them... little bit top part of toes??),
and it kind of bugs me...
but hey for $2, I can give them a try! I am sure I'm going to wear them lots!!

... and shes for my daughter :)
the pink bear shoes were thrifted for 99c.
the other pair of shoes/boots were $9 each at a local kids consignment store.
how can you resist the little girly shoes?!
they all are super cute!!!
yup,,, no wonder why the number of shoes in our household keeps going up!


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Both pairs are so cute! I love the ankle strap on the black flats. Plus, you can't beat those prices!

Karin said...

I am addicted to shoes to. But I'm addicted to heels... so at least you're addited to momething more useful ;-).
Great finds!