Tuesday, March 9, 2010

need help - Portuguese-English translation / sewing input

do you remember this pattern I was going to try out?

I finally got around to buy fabric, and cut all the pieces.
then went to a couple different online free translating sites to translate the instruction for the pants.
although it is all in a weired grammar and wording, I managed to figure out the most part.

however I am stuck with this following part of the instruction:

•Una os fundos da frente e das costas do bolso com uma costura pelas laterais.
•Una os fundos externo e interno do bolso, direito sobre direito, com uma costura pelas bordas externas.
Prenda a frente nas laterais das costas, coincidindo os números 5 e 6 de montagem. Deixe livres as aberturas inferiores.
Costure as palas nas bordas superiores das costas. Pesponte, pelo direito, rente às bordas inferiores das palas, prendendo as folgas no avesso.

there is a cool pocket detail on these pants.
and if you look at the diagram of the pants, it looks like there isn't any overstitch on the bottom part of the back pocket.
(sorry for the dark photo!)

from the wacky Internet translation, and translation my sis(who studied Portuguese in University) did for me,
it seems like the bottom of the pocket is left open.
but then, the pockets are not functional... which doesn't make sense to me...
maybe it's just for the look??

so here I am, still lost in translation, desperately needing a help...
if any of you know Portuguese and could tell me how the back pockets are done, I'll most appreciate your help!
or if any seamstresses out there have any input for me, yes yes enlighten me please!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Tany'd help you if you ask her? http://tanysewsandknits.blogspot.com/

Karin said...

Oh, sorry, of no help here.
But I do look forward to your version of the pants, I saw them and liked them too!
And the picture of many modern pants in the post you liked to is fabulous... makes me want "new style-pants" even more!

Unknown said...

hi, I just came across your blog today and I am actually making the same pattern right now!! I'll try and help a bit - translation might be a bit unrefined because I'm mainly used to the sewing terms in german, but I can assure you that I managed to put the pattern together ok so far, only zip and waistband missing now.
I can only give you the first two points you mentioned:
- stitch the sides of the front and back pocket together (part 2 and 4)
- attach the front to the back pocket, between numbers 5 and six (so the pocket isn't open now as you can see. I must admitt I was lazy here and attached the (rear part of) the front and the back pocket to the back of the pants in one go, three layers of fabric onto one layer of fabric, not sure if this is kosher, but worked for me...)
Soooo... from here on I decided I'm far enough to just carry on as on any other pair of pants. And left the instructions - I don't speak portuguese either actually.
The next point on your list seems to describe how to stitch part 5 (whatever the english term for this is) to the top edge of the pocket, but I had already done this before where it said 'Prenda a pala pelo direito etc...'

I hope this isn't even more confusing for you. I probably took a few shortcuts in the construction of mine, but I didn't find it difficult once I got going. Just try :)

Unknown said...

What's your fabric? Mine isn't as flowy as in the picture, I wanted to use this fabric from my stash for pants anyway, but it's quite stiff - I'm a bit unsure now, I think softer fabric might have looked better.

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Anonymous said...

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