Thursday, March 11, 2010

hoop earrings for my sis

I got a custom order from my little sister(for free, of course...!).
she wanted a pair of hoop earrings like these ones with some green or/and purple semi-precious stones.

I made these a bit bigger(4cm in diameter) as she requested,
and the stones removable so that she can wear the earrings with/without the dangling agate and amethyst.

she is going to UK in the spring on working holiday for eight months, and I am green with envy!
I don't regret whatever the path I took and am really grateful for what I have right now.
but being young and free(meaning lots of me-time) is so precious!
enjoy, sis!!

tomorrow, we are going to Vancouver to get our daughter Americanized!
when the application is accepted, then she'll become a citizen of THREE countries - Canada, Japan, and US!
what a lucky girl!!

well, up until she is nineteen,
then she has to chose Japanese or the other two because Japan doesn't allow you to have more than one citizenship...
it would be really awesome if that changes by the time she has to make that decision.

it's going to be a quick (whole)day trip...
get up early(4am), drive to the ferry, ferry, then public transit in Van. then, the same thing in reverse on the way back...
loooong day...
but it will be nice to get the city fix(right after the Olympics), and get out of the town for even one day!

hope you'll have a fun exciting weekend!

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